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  ***PLEASE READ CAREFULLY - Sales of all Samples/Prime Seconds are FINAL*** SAMPLES are shirts that we printed a very small number of that did not make the final cut to be offered in a collection. In musical terms, they would be considered B-sides and/or rarities. They are perfectly good items that simply will not be offered to the public on a production level. PRIME SECONDS are items that have a very small defect somewhere on the garment that you will probably never be able to find. But, we know it's there and because of this we won't offer it to a store, through the website or at an event. If you purchase a Sample/Prime Second through this page, you will receive a random shirt in the size you select. It will either be a Sample or a Prime Second, as described above. You WILL NOT know what design, color, foil, etc. about the item. The only thing you will know is the size, it's from the men's collection and that it will be a genuine Red Chapter item. It's a little bit like a lottery, except everyone wins... *This item does not qualify for any additional Backstage Pass discounts*
Sample/Prime Second - MEN
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Red Chapter is in demand! This product is sold out. We'll have it available ASAP!

Until then, keep rockin'...we promise it will be worth the wait!